DNotes, Wants to Launch a Completely New Payment System based on the Blockchain

The digital currency project called DNotes today announced plans to bring a new for-profit enterprise to the digital currency ecosystem by introducing a whole new global payment system by 2016.

Alan Yong, is the co-founder of DNotes, and a well-known strategist that believes the blockchain technology, combined with a new generation of global payment networks is capable of providing innumerous benefits for society. He thinks that the vital ingredient for mainstream use is to have a trusted stable global digital currency.

DNotes has worked to position itself as a model for successfully harnessing this enormous potential for wider public benefit and now the Digital currency company DNotes is also launching a DNotes company in 2016. This will enable the company to integrate the blockchain and DNotes into a worldwide payment system.

To implement the company’s plans, the team has set aspiring milestones. One of the company’s primary objectives is to attract and gain broader acceptance for digital currency. The current DNotes strategy is to meet the three main functions of money: to work as a medium of exchange, as a store of value and as a unit of account.

Alan Yong states:

“The greatest challenge facing the cryptocurrency industry is our present inability to understand the intricate web of factors that would move us towards mass acceptance of digital currency and facilitate the countless new ways of doing business that blockchain technology enables.”

DNotes is developing a new global payment network that will enable immediate transaction settlements in multiple currencies with virtually no fees. And this is only the beginning of a large-scale network that will eventually include the company’s own exchange, banks, and partnerships with financial institutions, and other gateways that to provide access to an array of financial services.

The company hopes to gather the needed cooperation and funding to fully develop the project and is actively seeking external finance to support their plans.

Alan says:

“Hyper-connectivity is removing the historical barriers of distance, and collaboration with individuals halfway around the world is becoming as efficient as working with colleagues in the same office. Digital currency will further facilitate this ever-increasing connectivity and enable even greater global cooperation.”

The company’s plans aim to harness the full potential of the blockchain technology while putting it to work to give birth to a new global market and the next phase in the evolution of money and commerce.

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