Friday , December 9 2016

Has Satoshi Nakamoto Finally Been Found?


After Gizmodo and Wired published two reports last Wednesday, in which they said the inventor of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – had been found, the world of Bitcoin has been abuzz. Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity has been shrouded in mystery since the very beginning of bitcoin. It’s easy to get excited …

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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Continues To Rise


“I’ve heard of Bitcoin mining. What is it?” is one of the most common questions I get when people find out I’m a Bitcoin user and journalist. Unfortunately, just like most other things Bitcoin-related, the full answer is neither easy nor quick but it can be somewhat boiled down to: …

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Your kids will not know what money is, Says Apple CEO


Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple, ventured into territory often avoided these days: that of predicting the future of technology. Many have failed to correctly predict the rise and demise of tech, but Tim Cook may be onto something. Addressing Trinity College Dublin students, he said: “Your kids will not …

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Satoshi Nakamoto Nominated For Economics Nobel Prize


This week, UCLA professor of finance Bhagwan Chowdhry was asked by the Nobel Prize committee to nominate someone to receive the prestigious award for Economics in 2016. And Chowdhry chose the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto’s nomination came as a surprise to many scholars of finance and economics. Chowdhry …

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Technology Helping to Automate Dropshipping


Generally here at Coinwrite we like to discuss matters surrounding bitcoin, banking and finance, however when we find a really interesting technology start-up we just have to tell the world we found it first. We stumbled upon DSYNC a system integration tool that is taking aim at the small to …

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